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Bramah supplies and fits a range of safes.

Wall Safes
At the lowest end we supply insurance approved wall safes with a cash rating of £1,500 or £15,000 of valuables. For reasons of security, volume and the installation costs involved these are decreasingly used. However Bramah 2 and 4 brick units are available to work with the Bramah high security key, both as individual units and as part of a Master Suite. Combination Lock units are available to order.

Alms Safes / Votive Offering Safes / Donation Safes / Church Collection Safe
Are all different descriptions of a Bramah Collection Wall Safe often but not always found in a Church. These units are locked with a high security Bramah key and provided with an opening for coinage and notes, with an anti pilfering baffle attached. Units are generally made to order and have proved incredibly successful at protecting donations.

Free Standing Safes
These are the most popular items and at the entry level they have a cash rating of £3,000 cash or £30,000 valuables and go through to £35,000 cash or £350,000 valuables as standard items. Our preferred brands are Securikey and Fichet. These brands are modern looking, practical and reliable and as they comply with the latest European Standard should be of use for many years to come.

Under Floor Safes
Within London these are rare. They are extremely secure, but most customers would go through damp courses or the neighbour’s property below should they be fitted.

Should you wish to buy a safe, please read the pdf files listed on the right. Please also read I WANT A SAFE or telephone or visit us, we will happy to assist or arrange a site survey.
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44 (0)20 7486 1757

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We are an Affiliate Member and Trade Member of the Master Locksmiths Association.

MLA - Approved Company

Reg No: 000228

Information for safes:

Domestic Property Security Guidelines

Securikey Mini Vault Cash Cover £3000

Fichet Complice

Fichet Carena

Fichet Carena Leather Bespoke

Fichet Carena White Bespoke