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In 1784, Joseph Bramah designed a round lock mechanism operated by a tubular key, of such complexity and security, that he put it in his shop window and offered a reward of 200 guineas to anyone who could open it. In 1851, at the Great Exhibition in London, A.C Hobbs an American locksmith spent 52 hours spread over 16 days and claimed the prize, but the method and spirit under which it was claimed is commented on by the London Times under the heading of 'the Great Lock Controversy'.

222 years after its manufacture, the challenge padlock is displayed at the Science Museum in London. Today, Bramah locks are in demand to secure a range of applications as diverse as explosives stores and a residential front door, a jewellery cabinet and a World Heritage Site.

In a lock market where built in obsolescence of 21 years is standard; the Bramah lock offers something unique and unmatched.

  The Bramah Mechanism
In 1787 Joseph Bramah’s lock patent was granted with 479,001,600 keys required to open it under all its variations. Since then, numerous releases, of the key mechanism have followed. Since 1963 the current mechanism has had 524,288 differs under all its variations, with the next release planned at 2,097,152 differs.

The Bramah mechanism is sold as both a traditional English Mortice lock as well as in Cylinder format capable of insertion into a wide variety of lock cases for differing applications.

Lock Standards
The Bramah MD27 was the first lock to be accredited as compliant to BS3621:1963 a United Kingdom standard for wooden residential entrance doors. Today Bramah locks are seen as equivalent or better than BS3621:2004 and BS8621:2004 for fire exit doors. In addition Bramah have a policy of ongoing development, labelling and testing alongside the European Standards currently relevant and under drafting.