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Bramah can supply and fit a range of CCTV cameras to suit your unique requirements. Since cameras do not have the functionality of a human eye, they have to be designed to view exactly what is required. It's usually the case that a poor CCTV system is rarely a hardware problem and more often a design issue. For that reason, we put a concentrated effort into the design process.

Bramah solutions include discrete low lux cameras, domes that scan an area on a programmed basis or in response to an alarm input, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) or with memory capacity in excess of 200GB (20 days of recording) with or without Internet connectivity, flat screens from 15" to 19" generally, though larger are installed from time to time.

Bramah also installs IP network cameras.but often it is more complete to have a stand alone CCTV system connected to an independent recording device. However, we recognise that it may be less expensive and more flexible, to connect a camera to your own network. We use both MOBOTIX, and Axis IP network cameras.

One simple example of our approach to CCTV is our solution for monitoring the communal entrance of a multi tenanted residential or commercial office block. For this we would currently propose:
  1. For monitoring all movement outside the entrance door we would propose High resolution 530TV lines, day/night, High Sensitivity 0.002 lux Genie cameras;
  2. For monitoring inside, with a view to observing all who entered we would use a similar internal unit;
  3. For recording a Genie digital video recorder (DVR) with 260 GB of recording memory. This must be locked away to secure its recording;
  4. For viewing a 15" flat screen
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We are a member of the police approved SSAIB.