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Bramah Locks : Shunted Locks

Bramah has made high security shunted locks for 40 years. Shunted locks are generally mortice deadlocks with a microswitch fitted, which are used on Burglar Alarm Systems. When the deadlock is locked, the alarm is set, and when it's unlocked, the alarm is unset. The primary benefit is that the door contact will be the first device to be activated if the door is forced open (the most common form of attack) and the police will be called more quickly than through the use of an alternative system design. The secondary benefit is that in the event your keys are stolen, the code for the burglar alarm will not also be lost (which can potentially happen on some current burglar alarm designs).

Fitting may also be an issue. On commercial properties surface run cable is not usually a problem, but in a private residence the cable usually has to go through the door. It is essential to use a skilled carpenter with the correct tools.

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Locks with Microswitches for use with Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems